Jamdani Festival 2019


Documentary Films

Design (3:43)
Jamdani designs are exceptional in their range and intricacy.  This video explains how the designs are passed down from generation to generation. It also describes the fundamental designs that make up a Jamdani saree.

Pre-Weaving Process (4:49)
This video explores the pre- weaving processes required to produce a Jamdani saree. It starts with detailing how the yarn, warp and reed are prepared, mostly by women. We also learn about the many steps it takes to set up the loom before weaving can begin.

The Weaving Process (3:20)
This video looks at the labour-intense process of Jamdani weaving: Unlike other forms of handloom weaving, Jamdani has always been the work of two weavers – the ustaad or master and his apprentice. The two must work in unison to weave patterns perfectly.

A Weaver’s Life (6:22)
Mohammad Jamal Hossain has been weaving since he was 12 years old. He comes from a long line of Jamdani weavers. He now owns 25 looms. This film looks at Jamal’s life. It examines some of the hardships and difficulties he faces in producing Jamdani sarees.


Producer/Director/Writer: Dina Hossain
Camera & Editor: Abdullah Al Naser
Sound: Masrur Masud
A TMMT Production
© Bengal Foundation 2019

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